I have a video recording device that looks this way:


My one also has a "H.264" label, but is seems to be just a video coding format. The device is connected to several analogue cameras with BNC cables.

The device is connected to the Internet. And I have a need to watch & save the recordings. I found the following options:

  • Through HTTP connection to the device by IP address. It has a browser frontend, but it uses ancient ActiveX elements, so it works on Windows IE only (and I don't have Windows), and I guess it also doesn't provide the feature to save recordings.

  • Using strange Chinese "XMeye" mobile application. It correctly shows the picture in almost real time, but provides no option to save it.

Is there any better choice?? I'm looking for these features:

  1. An app should connect to the device and show the picture.

  2. An app should be able to save recording.

  3. An app should be cross-platform or an online app.

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