I have downloaded a compilation video recently and some parts of it were so interesting that I'm eager to find their complete videos.

I know they are somewhere on the internet but don't know where.

  • The sequences are short (10-15 seconds each).

  • For Windows or Android, please.

  • Take sceenshot of video and search images on Google image search
    – Thiago
    Jul 25, 2020 at 13:34

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Make a screenshot and upload it to Yandex reverse image search, i.e. https://yandex.com/images/ → Camera icon → Select a file.

If there are no results, try with other video frames that look a bit different.

To do the same with fewer clicks, open the local video file in the browser (for example Chrome can play local video files) and use for example this extension in the Capture mode.

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