I have to solve an excel solver equation. Which content some non linear equations.

let assume X is 12*1 vector of unknown values. the element values are x1,x2,x3,..,x12

y1,y2,...,y12 are known values.

I have to maximize the variable value "m". Where the equations are :

m = x1*y1 + x2*y2 + x3*y3 + ... + x12*y12

x1 + x2 + x3 + ... + x12 = 100

Xt * C * X = 12 (where Xt is transpose of X, C is 12* 12 matrix)

I have tried to solve it by using "js-solver" package. but it's does not support a non linear equations.

I need a nodejs package or sample code to solve excel non linear solver equation .

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