I'm looking for a simple app that shows the current outside temperature in the Android status bar.

Since there are so many apps to trawl through, I've been unable to find one that does this simple function. Many look like they do it, but they're actually just showing the daily forecast (I really don't need a persistent notification for a forecast).

On desktop, I use a browser addon or the WeatherZone which constantly update with the temperature outside.


  • Small/lean app (basic)
  • Regular temperature updates (eg at least 30min or less)
  • Shows current temperature (eg "28°C" ) in status bar


  • I don't get it yet. How shall the app know about the outside temperature? Do you have a weather station at home? How should the app behave if you're not at home? If so, how can it be accessed? Does it have WLAN? If you don't have a weather station, do you want the app to display the outside temperature based on your GPS position? If there's no thermometer at your current position, what range is acceptable? – Thomas Weller Feb 2 at 13:29

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