I am looking for a linux server service ('service' like mongodb, redis, mysql, etc), with two main features:

-"Version control" of single binary files: I do not any need any advenced features like git for version control. I am just looking for a way to create a id+version identifier, and be able to continue to upload new versions of a file, with the expectation that a significant portion of the data between each version is changed minamilly, so that the storage does not need to be wasted by duplicating most of the data for each version. (In my specific use case, I am storing uncompressed zip files with many media files (audio / image / video, etc) where only a few of the files would be changed in each update

-"Horizontal Scaling". Able to add new storage for the service to use by adding more nodes/serers, without migrating all data. For example, with mongodb sharding, and 'gridfs' pseudo file system, it is possible to add additional storage servers to increase the total capacity, if disk space becomes an issue.

It is possible these two goals would be accomplished with two different services.

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