I'm looking for a free and open source app for Windows (other desktop and mobile OS support welcome) which can allow me to sync files from and to:

  • Internal hard drives;
  • External drives (portable HDDs/SSDs and USB flash drives);
  • Network locations (Samba shares and the like);
  • Remote destinations (FTP, SSH);

Additional features which would be nice:

  • Change log which shows what has been recently synchronized;
  • Accidental deletion protection (keep backups of deleted files for a certain amount of time or forever until manually deleted);
  • File version control;
  • Differential (delta) change synchronization (instead of uploading the entire file to remote sync folders, only send the part that changed to save network traffic and hard drive space);
  • File system sync status icons to show which files have been synced or which have problems syncing.

Integration with popular cloud sync services not required.

Some of my experiences with the apps I've tried so far:

OwnCloud and NextCloud

Cannot be used offline on a Windows PC if you don't have a Linux server set up.


Does not allow you to sync files between folders on the same device (or at least I haven't figured out how). Running the app means having a console window taking space in taskbar and cannot be minimized to tray.


Works but is not convenient. Automatic syncing is supported via setting up Task Scheduler triggers such as "every hour" or a custom event, possibly you could set up a file system change event in the target folders, but this is not exactly easy to do for a regular user.


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