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In my organisation, the Operations Team shares a common email account (POP3). All our clients send bids on that email and the team members process it (Replies) and move them in an outlook folder.

We use a self-hosted solution of Postfix server in a Ubuntu environment.

Sometimes because of so many emails in the queue; few mails goes unnoticed or moved without any action.

I am looking for something that can intercept all mails that we receive and opens a ticket and that ticket automatically gets resolved when there is an action taken (Or reply made).

I understand this may be organisation specific custom requirement but just trying to figure out if there is any way to do it.

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I'm not sure if a web service is an option for you, but we use FreshDesk - there is also a free plan.

Important features for us are:

  • Tickets can be created by mail, api call or by an embed form
  • You see if somebody is viewing or replying to the ticket
  • Merging of similar tickets
  • Assign tickets to people / groups

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