I need to convert some C functions to the GLSL shading language, but there are some limitations of GLSL that make this difficult. It's not possible to use tail-recursive C functions in GLSL, like this one:

int fib(int n) { 
    if (n <= 1) 
        return n; 
    return fib(n-1) + fib(n-2); 

To use this function in GLSL, I would need to rewrite it as a non-recursive function:

int fib(int n)
  int a = 0, b = 1, c, i;
  if (n == 0)
    return a;
  for (i = 2; i <= n; i++)
     c = a + b;
     a = b;
     b = c;
  return b;

Is there any program that can refactor C functions to remove tail recursion, making them compatible with GLSL?

As GLSL shaders are usually cross-platform, it doesn't matter which OS the program runs on. I'm not concerned about the price, but I'd prefer to find an open-source or freeware solution.

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