I have some task where i have to check the quality of sound in .wav file

Following things i need to identify:

  • To detect Audio files with so much background noise in it.
  • To check whether the volume is too low as not to be recognizable.

Is there any JS library , where i can achieve above mentioned functionalities ? I am using AWS Lambda-Node js for this functionality.

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For MP3

You have two options, both bindings against software created by the excellent LAME Project.

The lame npm package is a full-featured binding against the libmp3lame C library. I would recommend this unequivocally, except that it hasn't been updated in four years.

You could also use the node-lame npm package. It is a wrapper around the lame CLI tool, instead of the C library. The performance is much worse because of this, but it is simpler to use. It is also updated more frequently than the previously mentioned alternative.


You can use the wavefile npm package.

For Ogg/Vorbis

You should use the ogg npm package. The fork by @suldashi is much more frequently maintained than the primary repo. You might also need node-vorbis to handle decoding.

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