The subject explains what I've been searching for in a long while now.

I've got a bunch of songs that I would like to have a listen to ("prelisten") and create a playlist from on the go. So what am looking for is this;

An app that after listening to a song for a while (with my earpiece/headset), I could press maybe the volume-up button on my earpiece/headset for the currently playing song to be added to a pre-selected playlist and skip to the next song.

Or if the playing song is not preferred to be in the pre-selected playlist, I could press maybe the volume-down button on my earpiece/headset and skip to the next song without adding to playlist.

Or pressing the play/pause button (on earpiece/headset) varying times to have either of the above done.

All of this done without having to take my phone out of my pocket (just gestures with buttons on my earpiece/headset). Any suggestion or recommendation is warmly welcomed. Thanks in advance.

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