I use mobaXterm on windows in my work laptop to ssh to linux machines. One feature that I like the best is that it highlights words such as error and warning in build output in red/blue colour. This is really helpful when I am running 8 jobs simultaneously for a build and an error occurs somewhere in the interlaced output. But I use Linux as the only OS on my personal laptop. Is a terminal with such feature available for Linux? Or is it possible to get this feature via some plugin? I do not want to redirect the output to other program everytime and would like the terminal emulator to do this. Currently I am using LXTerm and it is not possible there.


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Not a terminal emulator, and this might not help in your usecase,

but on Linux you can install the logfile colorizer grc (with the package manager).

The you can define Bash aliases for often used commands, for example

alias errorlog='grc tail -2000 /var/log/kern.log

For more examples, see the bottom of the README file of the github repo that I've linked to.

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