I constantly listen to live streams of people talking. They frequently have the TV/radio/ads on in the background, drowning out their voices or at best distracting me from what they say. Point is: I find it very annoying.

In my experience, asking them to turn it off/down is mostly unsuccessful. It's like trying to convert people to a new religion; a hopeless chore I don't want to constantly spend my time and energy on. So I'm looking for a technical solution.

Ideally, there would be some kind of freeware utility-like program I could download and install and which I can bring up at any time and just click simple checkboxes such as "Mute detected background audio" and "Suppress sudden loud noises" and whatnot. Preferably it would also support doing this only for the audio outputted from a specific application.

Is there such a thing? I assume not, because nothing I ever look for ever exists, but I still need to ask. Does it even exist as payware?

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