Does anyone know of a browser extension/web app that invokes curl and/or wget to download a webpage that has already loaded in a browser window?

Here's the scenario motivating my question:

  • you've clicked a link, and a webpage has loaded

  • soon after the page loads, a "blocker window" covers the webpage content, and prevents reading or scrolling the page

  • usually, the "blocker window" demands you either: a. create an account, or b. turn off your ad blocker before it allows you to review the content.

I'd like the extension to place a small icon in the "tool bar" that would do two things when clicked:

  1. download the "blocked" URL/content
  2. open a new tab to display the downloaded URL/content

Firefox is my preferred browser, but I'll use Chrome in a pinch :) Also, I'm a mac user, so the curl and wget tools are readily available, and already installed.

FWIW, I've used the CLI utilities curl and wget to accomplish this, but it's a manual process... that is, I copy the URL, open a terminal window, run curl with the URL pasted in as the argument, then go back to the browser for a File, Open....

This must be harder than it looks... I would have guessed there would be multiple extensions available to do this, but I've not found one yet.

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