Recently, I updated my Windows 10 box to the 1909 level. In doing so, it told me that my (older) VMWare Player was incompatible, and I would have to uninstall it. I did so, figuring I’d just get the latest free VMWare and install it afterward.

However, the installer for that version of VMWare reports that it is incompatible with my version of Windows, and will not install.

While I won’t have major conniptions if I have to rebuild my virtual Linux Mint box (it was only for ‘playing around’ and getting familiar with Linux), I’d rather avoid it if possible.

I’m thus looking for an alternative to VMWare Player which will run on Windows 10 1909, and ideally has a way to use (or convert) a VMWare VM.

  • I should note that the underlying issue behind this question has been solved; there were issues with updates on the host computer that were preventing VMWare from installing. I am still interested in recommendations for alternatives, however, just on general principles. – Jeff Zeitlin Jan 21 at 12:10

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