I am seeking recommendations for Android apps to record loud live music.

The Android device will be located within 2.5 meters (~8 feet) of many of the non-amplified instruments. Those non-amplified instruments are drums, and are impressively loud.

Using several different Android audio recording apps, I have already made some recordings. In each of the recordings, there is an audible clicking sound coinciding with many of the times the drums reach their loudest peak amplitude.

I even tried recording using AudioLab with the microphone gain set to -6dB and output set to be a non-compressed WAV file. Unfortunately, that did not generate any better results.

Please recommend any Android apps that might be able to successfully record loud music with a minimum of audio artifacts.

Gratis and open-source are always a plus, but any price is acceptable, and the app does not have to be open-source.


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