I want something where one may look at village growing into a bigger town/city across years. Or failing apart into something smaller like Detroit.

Note that I am looking for something where there is no need for player to make any decisions. For example in SimCity there is some simulation but city is not growing on its own without decisions from player.

So far I found

and neither has something that has an usable product that I want.

I am aware about Dwarf Fortress but you cannot really see a growing city as after history ends generating city is no longer growing. In theory you can keep regenerating the same world (using the same seed) and check how city/town changed. But as author is not focusing on this part of the game, results are not very exciting anyway. Still, script that reruns world generation and exports how town looks like and stitches it into a timelapse also would be an acceptable result.

I am OK with a paid software, software with poor graphics, software running only on specific OS and so on.

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