Is there any tool to generate image previews of a 3d model? Currently using OBJ format.

The goal is to do a bulk generation to quickly detect which are the characteristics of each OBJ.

So far I've been using Meshlab to do it manually. I found there is a meshlabserver, but I'm not sure if it's capable of generating the previews.

Preferably it should be for Linux, not a limitation though. Definitely something unpaid. For the preview format, I would prefer a raster (png, bmp, etc).


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PyVista (a Python vtk wrapper with sugar syntax) seems to be the best option so far.

It reads several formats (stl, obj, vtk, etc).

There are examples of generating mp4 and even gif


Try gnuplot. Part of the GNU software universe (linux, *bsd) but there are ports for most to windows/mac.

It's been years. You may need to transform your data file.

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