Is there any android app or win PC program to make notes or a diagram about people's circle and connection? Such as, who likes whom, dislikes, hates, rival, competes, close friends, buddy, having a strong small cycle, something like that? I would like to call it a connection or social diplomacy management app. Thank you!

  • Sounds like a very good question (+1), but I think that might have translated "cycle" wrongly (maybe "circle"? i.e "social circle" - see also social group). Good luck :-) – Mawg says reinstate Monica Jan 10 '20 at 12:27
  • 1
    Thank you very much. Indeed it is circle. I fix it. – Superuser Jan 13 '20 at 2:40
  • "Social circle" is probably better English, but that is clear enough. Good luck. I hope that you get an answer :-) – Mawg says reinstate Monica Jan 13 '20 at 5:48

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