Each time I want to do a GIF/screencast of a software like below, I have to do many takes before having the right result. Doing a single mistake often requires to start from scratch again!

Is there a freeware that allows you to:

  • record a macro (record keystrokes, mouse clicks, etc.), with an editable file format, let's say mymacro.txt

  • then I can modify slightly the macro (by editing mymacro.txt with a text editor) if I did a few mistakes (wrong keystrokes)

  • replay the macro

  • (optionnaly but this would be great) record the screen (screencast)

The idea would be: have a reproducible "build" for a screencast video, all from script! i.e. if I want to rerecord the same screencast 2 years later with another Windows version, I can just relaunch macrotool mymacro.txt, and it would replay the macro and rerecord the screencast!

Example of such a mymacro.txt:

Run notepad.exe
Sleep 1000
Screencast On 0 0 800 600
Click 200 200
Type "Hello world"
Sleep 1000
Screencast Save=test.gif
Screencast Off

Note: it looks a bit like Autohotkey, but with 2 differences: you don't write the macro manually, instead, the macro is automatically recorded when doing the actions once. Also you can screen record directly from script.

Example of GIF I want to record:

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