I really, really, like the excellent ChromePHP.

Alas, I am encountering an ERR_RESPONSE_HEADERS_TOO_BIG error and, since there was a trouble ticket issued for it eight years ago, I can't see it being fixed. Note: unless you are tracing very large amounts, you won't hit this error, so should use ChromePhp.

I am looking for a good alternative (which I would prefer you have personally used, not just Googled for):

  • different trace levels, e.g Error/Warning/Info which will be visually different on the web page

  • the ability to filter only certain trace levels

  • timestamps

  • sort by severity or timestamp, in either direction

  • fancy dumping of data structures, not just a line of text

  • perhaps some form of security (not really necessary, if I only trace within my LAN)

  • simple way to clear/truncate/reset what has already been stored

  • anything else in the way of bells & whistles

Please, note, that I do not want output on the same page as my PHP script. I want something that writes to a flat text file, or an Sqlite (or even Mysql) database, with a separate, dedicated, URL to display the logged data.

I fear that I may have to code my own, but hope that someone has already invented, and shared, this particular wheel.

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    I'm not sure if it fits all your needs, but I use underground.works/clockwork for laravel applications and it also supports vanilla php. It supports timeline, data logging and can be extended as well. Clockwork comes with a webUI but also has a chrome plugin that adds a viewer tab to the dev tools. But it also communicates via headers, so I'm not sure if will throw a "headers to big" error as well. – PKeidel Jan 14 at 10:46

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