Is there any software package that can simulate the inner workings of a processor? The reason I am looking for this is that I am learning about the lower level concepts and I would like a more interactive environment. I am looking for a system which provides a working processor and a way of seeing it work. Additionally it would be nice if it could be modified.

I realise that the question is a bit vague but I have not found software which provides anything resembling what I want and since I work in higher levels I am not familiar with the tools.


Yes have you seen little man computer? It is a simulator for a simple processor, used for education. I think there are a few implementation about.

When you progress to real processors, avoid x86 and x86-64. They are very complex. Good choices to start an are 6502 (old but simple), ARM (modern, and most used processor ≥32bit ).


This guy has published a series of videos on building a CPU on a breadboard:

Ben Eater https.//twitter.com/@ben_eater New video! What's the CPU stack used for and how does it work?

Check it out: https://youtu.be/xBjQVxVxOxc

There is also an iOS App: CPU8

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