For years now, I've been struggling to find a program that I can call on the command line to speak a given text string as a human female. I have tried:

  1. eSpeak. It only has robotic voices.
  2. voice.exe. It cannot use anything but two default/demo voices from Windows 10, because Microsoft actively locks them out from non-Microsoft programs. There is an insane "hack-around" for this, involving many complicated steps, which I don't want to and cannot deal with.

I'm looking for something which doesn't hook into the OS's installed "voices", since Microsoft blocks them anyway.

Apparently, this is a very difficult problem to solve, because everything that exists seems to be nothing but a thin wrapper around OS-provided "standard voices", made by others. Or eSpeak robot voices.

I'm looking for something which has everything required to actually speak with a natural, human, female voice, not depending on any third-party "voices" or software of any kind. Is there such a thing at all? It looks very dark for me...

You'd think that there would be some kind of open source/freeware project out there attempting to create a free version of all these ultra-locked-down, proprietary natural voices. If the voice sounds like "R. O. B. the Robot", I might as well not use it at all...

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