I am looking for a free (ideally open-source) lightweight photo helper for macOS that can scan an existing directory with photos on an external drive, detect and recognize faces, and allow searches.

The required characteristics are:

  • it is lightweight in the sense that (1) it leaves the directory with photos intact, (2) it does not import the photos into another location (unlike Photos on macOS, where one has to import photos that go into a bundle, and then export each photo)
  • it detects faces in all photos and recognizes them (ideally in the background or when the computer is idle), and learns when the user corrects the name of a face
  • it can search photos from keywords on the metadata (mainly date, location, and folder name) and on faces, e.g. date:2019-12-27 face:<some name> folder:"new year"
  • it needn't have image editing tools, as I'll use another program such as GIMP
  • it can be command-line or GUI
  • it can be a cutting-edge open-source project that I install from Github, for example
  • it works on macOS

This list of notable image organizers suggests that DigiKam is the only open-source organizer that handles faces. From a tutorial, it seems to import pictures into its local database and one has to export pictures.

The programs on this thread seem to all be heavy with a database that copies pictures, and this thread is only on Windows.

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