I'm looking for an online research tool that will allow me to annotate & tag material I read online, and connect it to other material. The situation I'm imagining is something like this:

  1. Read online article; find interesting/important information.

  2. Remember important connection to an article I read six months ago, potentially useful in current or future project.

  3. Find article from six months ago by searching tags.

  4. Apply same tag to new article, plus a specific reference to the older article.

  5. Annotate new article with relevant thought/observation/question/comment.

I originally imagined this as some sort of web-based overlay (e.g., a browser plugin), but I'd be open to downloaded software as well. Gratis is nice, but I'm willing to pay for the right tool. Cross-platform is important.

As for what's already out there: Pocket has tags, but not annotation; ditto Google Keep; DevonThink, which apparently still exists, feels like overkill; I did use Evernote a long time ago, but found it clunky and not really helpful. (If it's improved enough that I should try going back, I'm open to that.)


Memex at getmemex.com is foss, can record your searches and sites visited, can search text of recordings and allows annotation on sites. Can tag and search for tags. It is supposed to work on chrome and firefox so if you can install them memex should work as well.

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