I am looking for the suitable software architecture to implement the following:

  1. Gantt-Bar visualization of project data (horizontal bars, not interconnected, vs. time scale

A visualization alone I could do relatively easy with Tableau, d3.js. Data will come from a data base, most likely MS SQL Server as it is available in my company.

  1. Selecting, moving bar chars horizontally (time shift), changing project attributes (text attributes such as project type, project manager, start/finish/progress, ...)

In the end, I want to display, select 2D graphic elements, move them horizontally over a canvas, change attribtues and write the resulting new data into the database.

What architecture would you propose? A stand-alone application in MCV architecture (.net, .net core, WPF, ... ?) A kind of Browser-based application, i.e. using HTML5 for the graphics part and somehow connecting it read/write to a database? Some miroservice architecture? (openshift is available, but no expertise with it!) There is not much demand, max 30-50 users in parallel.

What technology would you propose? .net / .net core d3.js + database interaction ??? no clue

I thank you for all serious comments, suggestions, hints.

Best Regards PaLi

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