I am looking for a note-taking / personal wiki / writing kind of software that I can create custom entities that tags inner text (not pages).

I am personally a fan of zim-wiki but currently I need more tagging capabilities. So imagine a zim-wiki like software. Also imagine a creative writing process in an abstract topic. I would like be able to write something like:

"The quick brown fox < cool animal> jumps over the lazy dog < cool animal>".

Then it creates a cool animal entity if it is the first usage or add the instance to my cool animal entity if it is not the first usage.

Then I can go view my entities, edit the names, edit entity relationships, and so on. It would be perfect if I can create custom relationships between entities as well and view my pages according to my relationships as well.

And direction is appreciated for this functionality, even if it does not fully correspond to my description or name a specific software.

Thank you.

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