I've coded a web app in Laravel (PHP).

In the admin dashboard of my web app, I'd like to have a button that toggles in real-time the visibility of an element on the website.

That is, public visitors who are looking at a certain page could see the effect of the button that I pressed even if they never refresh the page.

It seems that this would be possible via something like Pusher and https://laravel.com/docs/6.x/broadcasting (or WebSocket or WebRTC?).

However, I suspect there are much easier solutions that wouldn't require me to code anything.

For example, Tawk.to is a free live chat widget, and on their website, I can toggle the chat widget on or off, which instantly causes the chat widget to appear or disappear for any visitors who are currently viewing my webpage, even if they don't refresh the page.

What tools are available that would similarly enable me to toggle the visibility of a certain element (such as an image, button, or paragraph instead of a chat widget)?

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