I plugged cable into my PC and establish DSL pppoe connection. I want to be able to connect my smartphone to this wired Internet (no Wi-Fi or mobile network). I got adapters RJ-45 to USB and USB to micro-USB. Application should be trusted of course.
I want this in case if something happen with my computer, so that I could plug in cable into my phone, as mobile network may suck a lot of money from a phone. That was once and while I was choosing a laptop though phone's mobile network it sucked out money couple of times.

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Try with simplert it has two programs one is client and one is app.

It is an open source project in development.




  • Thanks a lot, really. That will be very useful for me. Though in my question I meant just cable into phone with no PC, in case if something happen with my PC. Once I had to buy new computer and I spend a lot of money on my phone using mobile network while was looking for a new laptop.
    – R S
    Dec 17, 2019 at 19:18

I know that it is a bit late for the OP, but if someone comes around here, this is the best solution I found and no root is needed.


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