We are looking for a ticketing system where customers can write to us via a particular email address ([email protected]) and have their messages turned into tickets that multiple people can work on internally. We need the following features:

  • Cloud based / SaaS
  • Seamless email support (as noted above, end consumers should be able to write emails and get emails back with responses)
  • Support for internal notes in tickets that are not shown to the end customer
  • Support for multiple "agents" (people) with internal aliases that are not shown to the end customer
  • Support for configurable separate "queues" or "views" for different products, languages, topics, etc.
  • No more expensive that $20 per agent per month, preferently less

We are currently using Zendesk Support, however two of the features we need (internal aliases and separate views) are features exclusive to their "Professional" plan which at the time of this writing is $50 per agent per month, prohibitively expensive for a small start up (it'd add up to a 4 figure bill per year if we went that route). So we are looking for better priced alternatives to switch.

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    This isn't an answer, but check out spiceworks help desk. Can't beat their pricing.
    – user218076
    Dec 17, 2019 at 14:57

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Please consider our app - Jitbit Helpdesk? Disclaimer: I'm one of the developers so I'm not posting any reviews/pros/cons since I'm obviously biased.

We have both SaaS and self-hosted versions and the SaaS is $69 for 4 agents ($17 per agent). All the features you mentioned are there.

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