Use Case:

  1. Authentication and Authorization (Multi Tenant Support): We have multiple REST API's resource with their own authentication and authorization business logic. Most of them have firm-wide accepted standard for authentication framework like LDAP for authentication and Active Directory for Authorization but there are quite a number which are using their own databases or systems for authentication and own logic for authorization. There should be centralize system (middleware/gateway) which will on board REST API's and provide standard authentication and authorization mechanism with minimum overhead for client to authorize at their end. Client could be on any platform.
  2. Orchestration : Considering end users requirements, there exists scenarios where data from needs multiple API's have to merged and expose new endpoint all together as new API. There should be orchestration between API's that are already been exposed.
  3. Extra Features: Middle-ware should posses features such as Highly Available, fault tolerant and scalable,Traffic control, limit request for specific API's.
  4. Centralize Logging: Need logging functionality for each and every action performed on middle- ware by any client.
  5. Data Transformation: Client may require data been exposed as API's in different format viz json, xml,doc, excel, pdf
  6. Analytics: support for middle-ware in terms of number of requested for any API's, Failed login tries, analytics around resources been used.

I have googled and found following tools for perusal, but it is practically impossible to do POC on below listed tools. I want help in evaluation of below tools as i have gathered basic details for following tools just by googling. Could anyone suggest top 3 tools which will cater all above mentioned use cases.

  1. Kong
  2. Apigee
  3. 3scale
  4. IBM API Connect
  5. Akana
  6. Dell Boomi
  7. Mashery
  8. MuleSoft (Anypoint)
  9. WSO2

Note: You can suggest any other open source or commercial tools which you have used and find it could suffice the above mentioned use case will be appreciated

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