As in the title. I'm looking for an app similar to Evernote/Joplin that will allow me to write, style and store data in HTML/CSS format instead of rather poor in terms of features markdown.

  • I need rich styling options, both on a global level (styles to be shared between notes) and local level (styles for just one note or one paragraph) which only CSS can provide.

  • I need rich layout options (nested sections of the note, similar to how div's work, aligning certain note sections to the sides, etc.) which is what CMS templates do for webpages.

  • I need to be able to sort, group and filter my notes based on several criteria (let's call it tags and categories).

Apart from that I'm fine with standard note-taking app features, such as ease of use, live-preview as I write the note and theme'ing. I'm fine with export/import instead of sync though.

I'm looking for either desktop solution or self-hosted-kind-of-a-CMS-site solution but I'm not looking for any form of product-as-service solution.

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