Context: Recently I've been interested in Jungian Personality Archetypes. I want to organize the information by generating a "huge concept map" and/or hyperdocument. But I couldn't find documenting tools good enought for what I want.

If I map the model to oop jargon I have

  • Classes
  • Class attributes
  • Class composition
  • Objects (instances)
  • Directional interactions between objects.

I also have "categories" / "projections". Grouping of objects according to different criteria.

All the literature that talks about the models will talk at any of the previous leveles in relation to everything else. So I thought about generating a tagging system that represents the model, something like my own snomed-ct. Then tag text excerpts from the documents. And query the tags to generate visualizations of the text excerpts.

I need:

  • Something to generate my own queriable tag model

  • Something to add tags/metadata to the text

  • Some tool to to query the tags (solr?)

Or maybe I need a better idea on how to handle models.

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