Related question : Secure email client for Windows and Android - this time, I will settle for an Android only solution.

Until/unless I get an answer to my question K9 not showing all mails in unified inbox, I am searching for a new Android email client. I am perfectly happy with K9 (except for that quite major problem), so something similar would be welcome.

I need something which :

  • will handle multiple accounts (at least a dozen), and keep them separate (although a unified inbox is also nice)
  • has good search capabilities (message body too, not just header) partial sender address, wildcard searches, date range searches, all of these combinable
  • a bunch of plugins would be nice
  • I especially want GPG support
  • and I don't want it scanning my emails & using me as "the product"
  • has IMAP support
  • allows me to schedule how often it checks for new mail (not once an hour, like Gmail)
  • supports common mailbox formats, so that I could switch to a new client & import
  • tags are nice
  • mark as "in need of reply" & remind me
  • it would be nice to be able to download all of my email to SD card (given how large they are nowadays), so that I can view/search them all while offline

I don't need a calendar or fancy address book, but won't object. Low resource usage would be nice. Stable, with good support & an active user community.

Gratis (and add-free) would be great, but I am willing to pay, if there is a compelling reason. I don't need open source, but don't object to it.

It is very important to me that the client not be tied with a service, especially not one which stores my email or login details on its own server - my login details should be sent only from my Android device to the mail server, and my email should not be read/scanned by any intermediaries.

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    Not checked it myself, but did you take a look at Marcel's FairEmail (available at F-Droid)? Marcel is the one who also wrote XPrivacy, so he's got a focus on that part. From what I've heard, FairEmail should be much more intuitive and convenient to use than k9. And it's definitely maintained: Marcel's release frequency is that high that F-Droid cannot keep up (and I was asked to mirror his APKs LOL )… – Izzy Dec 5 '19 at 8:05
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    Thanks, Izzy, sounds great. I am working my way through free Android alternatives to K9 mail but will break off & check out FairMail – Mawg says reinstate Monica Dec 5 '19 at 8:09

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