Is there a .NET core library which implements scalable, zero-allocation client/server sockets?

I've seen certain benchmarks online (e.g. web framework benchmarks from TechEmpower) which compare various frameworks/stacks/OSes in different scenarios. There are also many articles and threads online which fall into several groups:

  1. "Highly scalable server using BeginReceive/EndReceive"
  2. "Highly scalable server using SocketAsyncEventArgs"
  3. "Highly scalable server using async/await"

And it seems like each new framework version brings a new best way of doing things.

However, with the inclusion of Span, Memory and other extensions which avoid allocations, I still cannot find a .NET library which I am supposed to use when for connection to thousands of IoT devices, without creating a heavy burden on the GC or the needed system RAM.

Is there a .NET framework which can handle 10k connections, which uses IOCP under the hood, doesn't make new allocations on each received packet, and doesn't need gigabytes of RAM?

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