When forwarding an email message in Windows Outlook 365, and you wish to keep private the senders and/or multiple previous senders.

Is there something that will redact (or obscure) the former email addresses for us? Or do I have to go in and redact them myself?

Clarification: I'm not referring to what is possible with the BCC field. BCC is good for sending to multiple new users and each of the new users will not be able to see each other. The issue is when you forward a message, there may be one or more email information inside the message. This is what I want 'redacted'. The part that says: "JoeBob@whatever.com writes...."

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  • What is "redacting a mail address"? There is "Bcc:" as target address, so it works. – peterh says reinstate Monica Dec 2 at 22:18
  • Definition of redaction: "the censoring or obscuring of part of a text for legal or security purposes." -- From the dictionary. I mean to blank out the email addresses. So they are not sent to the next party. – Robert Koernke Dec 2 at 22:19
  • BCC will not work. I'm talking about when Joe-Bob in the company forwards email to Party B...The previous email will have "whatever@whatever.com writes..." inside it. BCC is good for when you don't want the different parties to see your new email. So you put all the new parties in the new email. But if you forward someone elses email it could contain information about multiple senders. – Robert Koernke Dec 2 at 22:21

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