Looking for suggestions for a configuration management service/library.

For our purposes, consider a "configuration" as JSON document with various properties.

We need

  • Inheritence (prototypical) i.e. possibly several layers of abstract configuration, with concrete configurations as the leaf-nodes
  • Versioning (database wide) i.e. a change at any level produces a new revision of any affected leaf nodes
  • Ability to collect (& query?) leaf nodes (concrete configurations) as-at a particular revision

We might want support for automatically substituted variables too but that seems less important.

In general, looking for something similar to the concepts that Octopus Deploy or AzureDevOps release pipelines have - without reinventing the wheel.

It's likely to be quite a flat, bushy hierarchy - probably no more than several layers deep.

Thinking about wrapping git but wondering if there's a better option?

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