Please note that I am coding in AngularJs v1.X - not Angular (with TypeScript).

I am looking for a gratis grid/table, which should

  • take it's data from a $scope variable

  • be sortable by clicking on a column header

  • allow me to define an initial sort order, by column and direction (ascending/descending)

  • have pagination if I have too much data to show in the grid's dimensions (which I can specify either as a percentage, or an absolute height in pixels or number of rows)

  • have a search / filter facility

  • allow me to add an `OnClick() event handler to each cell, or to the whole grid, which gives me details of the clicked cell

But, most important of al is that it must have good documentation, including a simple code example.

For reasons that I won't go into, I do not want the very popular Ag-grid

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