libonion has a templating string machinery specific to HTTP responses. See as an example its 07-tools. I am using it in bismon (a GPLv3+ program documented here in draft form).

I need to send some HTML5 "forgot password" mail templated by the forgotemail_ONIONBM.thtml file of Bismon.

It seems to me that onion cannot be easily abused for that purpose.

And I just want to send a templated HTML mail body. I am not particularly tied to use libonion, if it does not exactly fit.

However, I would dislike embedding an entire Turing complete interpreter (à la Lua or Guile) for that simple purpose. I actually do have some "transpiler" in Bismon already. But using that infrastructure for sending occasional emails looks like using an atomic bomb to kill some insect.

Any simple free software (for Linux) recommendations?

In Qt5 its QString is suitable, but is a monster library coded in C++. I need something small, a cheap opensource C code generator

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