I'm looking for an android app which

  • is an image viewer (optionally video) and
  • actively prevents copying the content which is shown on it. ie.
  • no save option,
  • prevents screenshot,
  • does not store files on common storage,
  • optionally detects rooted system.

I imagine such an app works like this:

  • A content subscriber (user) installs the app.
  • The app generetes an assymetric encryption key at installation and
  • offers the public part to share.
  • The user sends the key to the content publisher.
  • The publisher setups a web server where the app downloads encrypted content from (the server part and web server app are not a problem, i can provide it).
  • The app navigates to the web site and sends its subscriber ID (say, the encrypting key fingerprint) and
  • the server offers content entrypted for the specific instance of the app ie. the specific subscriber.
  • In this way I can avoid users access files bypassing the app just via the web site.
  • The user can still photograph the screen with a different phone or camera, so it's technically impossible to always "prevents copying the content which is shown" – Amin Dodin Jan 2 '20 at 17:54
  • @AminDodin, i thought it's obvious. and yes, he can paint it or even memorize. preventing non-technical copy is not in the scope, it's bearable. – bandie Jan 2 '20 at 18:25

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