Is there an easy to use PDF library (C++) to write a sequence of images to a PDF file?

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    which platform are you on? On Windows you don't need any libraries
    – phuclv
    Dec 28, 2019 at 3:52

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ImageMagick CLI would be the easiest, you could trigger a shell execute from C++ using the OS C++ API, or maybe glib if you are on Linux.

Though there is also a C++ library for ImageMagick.



You can do this using LEADTOOLS. (Disclaimer: I am an employee of the vendor of this library).

The following C++ code takes the name of any image file and saves the image into a PDF file. Subsequent calls to this function with different images will append the new images to the same file.

void AppendImageToPdf(TCHAR* pszInputImageName, TCHAR* pszOutputPDF)
   BITMAPHANDLE BmpPage = { 0 };
   L_LoadBitmap(pszInputImageName, &BmpPage, sizeof BITMAPHANDLE, 0, ORDER_BGR, NULL, NULL);
   L_SaveFile(pszOutputPDF, &BmpPage, FILE_RAS_PDF_JPEG_411, 24, 25, SAVEFILE_MULTIPAGE, NULL, NULL, NULL);

There’s a free evaluation (with free tech support) on this page.

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