I have to develop a cross platform app (Android + iOS) with very basic features. It has a login/signup form, a webview to external website, a user account page with the current state of a procedure the user is undergoing in real life, a few informational screens and push notifications. I'm going to use Parse Platform server side for users data and informational screens updates.

On the Ionic/Cordova side, I've never used them, but I already feel confident with HTML, CSS and, to some extent, JavaScript. On the other hand, React Native side, I've never used React and I know nothing of its language or libraries, but I've read somewhere it's faster for developers to write code for it than for Ionic/Cordova.

A few years ago I developed apps for Android only, using Java and libgdx, but I suspect that doesn't count anymore nowadays.

What do you think it will be faster for me? The deadline for the first working release of the app, both Android and iOS, is 20 working days from now.

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