Say you are watching this video (its a Spanish lesson tat contains English + Spanish) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6OZbL91GXGI&list=PLeA5t3dWTWvvwf5fw0Nl7mVk0OUjP1Ln2

And following its transcript here at the same time to see how to spell the Spanish words: https://static1.squarespace.com/static/5c69bfa4f4e531370e74fa44/t/5cdacdf3eef1a1286d2a2b0c/1557843500162/

We can't just use google's auto translate because the video contains two different languages in it.

In my setup to consume the above media, I lay back on a bed looking at the TV with a wireless TV. If I could just use the arrow keys to go from line to line of the transcript (with each line being highlighted) instead of scrolling with the wireless trackpad, it would be a bit of a quality of life improvement.

What pdf viewer would you recommend with the functionality in the title? Basically, I'd turn on the youtube video, open up the pdf, then use the arrow keys on my wireless keyboard to go from line to line in the pdf. Much more comfortable / makes more sense than what I do now, which is use my awful wireless trackpad I have to scroll or using the arrow keys to scroll.

I'm also open to other ideas if there are just ways to have a better scrolling experience without this "jump from line to line" functionality in the title

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