Is there a good WordPress plugin for event registration (single event), that would have the following features?

  • Ability for the user to send an initial request to sign up for the event
  • Ability for an admin to approve / deny a request
  • Denied requests simply receive an email stating they were denied.
  • Accepted requests receive an email with another form where they enter more information and make an online payment (cash, bank transfer, paypal, etc.)
  • I've found a couple of good plugins, but the "Accept/Deny" part where I have not found a solution.


Seems to support this approval feature. I have no personal experience using it, but it seems to fit your requirements.

Personally I'm a big fan of WPEvents, but I'm not sure whether it's suitable for your needs. But generally a really good event plugin. Definitely worthwhile to check it out.


The Events Calendar by Modern Tribe had a better beta than most plugins that were much older. Now that the plugin is over 5 years old (that's when I started using it) it's very solid and feature rich.

Free version here: https://wordpress.org/plugins/the-events-calendar/

There is a premium version too.

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