I've searched for quite a while and am still curious about what tools to use. My goal is to create a Python application for embedded devices (let's say a Raspberry Pi) which provides all commons tools a DAW can help you with.

What my Python app will do:

  • detect button presses and send note on and note off events as well as velocity (and sustain and some more) to the needed framework.
  • multi track recording (button presses/MIDI only, no mic)
  • volume control of individual track and master
  • provide filters (high pass, low pass, reverb etc.) for each individual track

The overall latency should be really low (of course) and support for LADSPA plugins would be great. Does such a thing exist? FluidSynth sound very promising, but the python bindings I've found are hosted on Google Code and seem to be very outdated.

Thank you in advance.

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