I know that the Raspberry Pi can do either of these things, but can it do both?

I am aware that there is an OS flavor(?) RetroPie that specializes in retro gaming. But then can it still do other things, like run scratch?

I also understand that Scratch is included with Raspbian. But will there be any issues running the emulator MESEN?

Whichever solution, it should be able to accept game controllers, for use both with MESEN and Scratch - preferably PS4 controllers via Bluetooth (or at least a USB gamepad).


I've found two solutions that look promising:

(1) A hardware-based solution: Dual-booting to two operating systems using a 2 in 1 Dual Micro SD Switcher.

(2) A software-based solution called BerryBoot, to make booting to two or more operating systems easy. (Pi 4 version recently added.)

This way Scratch and other software can be used in Raspbian, and gaming can be done in RetroPie.

While (at the time of this writing ) there isn't yet an official release of RetroPie for the Pi 4, it can apparently be made to work.

Also, while I believed I would need Mesen to play new Mapper 30 NES games, I haven't been able to verify whether it can be installed on Raspbian or not. The good news is that it probably isn't necessary, because it appears from this thread that RetroPie now supports Mapper 30.

Furthermore, I have found a list of game controllers that can be used with RetroPie. So everything points to dual-booting as the ideal solution.

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