Is there some sort of application that displays specific files like PDF and/or images from a specified folder onto a screen? I have software that automatically drops images and PDF or client's orders into a folder, and I would like these to automatically display onto a screen, preferably even PDF files with multiple pages(for example display the one page on one screen and the other page on another)

It's very important this software always displays the file correctly after it's been altered so that the information on the screens is always up to date.

Is there anything that can provide this for me?

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If this is an essential business function, I wouldn't trust a program to automatically display a changed file. Indeed, by displaying a file, the application might lock it so that it cannot subsequently be updated!

Better might be to display an alert on any changes to files in the folder(s), to let a user open and review the change, and then have the user close the viewer to allow changes to the file. There are numerous tools to watch a folder and create notifications of changes.

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