I'm, looking for a plugin (or some kind of extension) for the Eclipse IDE so it can check grammar, and flag mistakes like "The dog dog is lost" etc.


I have used a tool called LanguageTool for grammar check in the past. It's an excellent free proofreading software for grammar, style, and spell checking. It also has a list of addons supporting Eclipse. The original author and the addon listed on the LanguageTool wiki is deprecated, but linked below is a fork that is said to be the successor.

Note: I have not used this plugin, however, I have used LanguageTool


Eclipse plug-in for Languagetools

This plugin contains an Eclipse plug-in to use the spell checking engine LanguageTool in the Eclipse IDE. This repository started of as a fork of https://github.com/auguster/languagetool-eclipse-plugin but as the original remote included the languagetools JARs it was recreated from scratch.

Grammar check using OP's test text

This is a screenshot from the website, which should implement the same check in the addon

  • Thanks very much, but even for the replacement eclipse plugin the update site is broken, and it doesn't seem possible to get this up and running in any logical way
    – Dan Grec
    Dec 10 '19 at 16:32

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