I recently started using LibreOffice Writer instead of Microsoft Word because of the hassle of reinstalling and reactivating Word on a new computer, and it's not too bad. Writer is not a perfect substitute for Word, but I already use PDF when I need the document layout to be reproduced accurately, and LibreOffice is better at making PDFs than Microsoft Office.

But because LibreOffice displays a warning discouraging me from using the .docx format, I've been using .odt for drafts. Recently I tried to check a few words in one of those drafts while I was away from my desktop, and I realised that I didn't have an iOS app for it.

I had a quick look into the horror that is the App Store and I couldn't see an easy, free solution, just a huge number of dodgy-looking apps with IAPs. So I waited until I was back at a desktop and then resolved to switched back to .docx, for which iOS has limited but adequate native support.

Is there an iOS app that can read .odt files, and which:

  • Is relatively lightweight, so it can be downloaded and installed over a cellular connection?

  • Doesn't require or constantly nag the user to sign up for a subscription service?

  • Doesn't assume that the user wishes to store their documents in iCloud or some other cloud storage service?

(If not, is the situation on Android any better?)

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