I have several repos at github which are about software, but mostly containm mark-down text.

The pages get rendered to nice HTML at github, but the look/layout is not very nice.

Is there a tool to make a simple homepage from mark-down files in a github repo.

I would like to avoid to run a own webserver.

Here are some examples of the pages:

  • Can you elaborate on what exactly you are looking for? Is it static site generators like Jekyll? Nov 20, 2019 at 20:22

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I've been using forestry.io with gatsby and Hugo (static site generators).

You can import your git repo

enter image description here

Any changes you make into your .md files via forestry's wysiwyg editor are automatically committed to the origin and if you have integrated CI/CD, they are automatically deployed.

To make your page look fancy, I suggest you look into GitHub pages: https://pages.github.com

Depending on your preference, you could also try a few alternatives like:



If you decide to go with forestry, you can fork gitlab's starter pages: https://about.gitlab.com/product/pages/

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