What I am looking for:

I am looking for a Windows 10 program to track HTTP/HTTPS GET and POST requests from my iPhone. Preferably not extremely complicated to setup and use.

What I have tried in the past:

In the past, I tried to use Postman, but when I connected my iPhone to the proxy from Postman I would get no connection to the internet. I then tried Fiddler, and had the same problem. I knew the proxy for Fiddler was working, because when opening http://MYPROXY:8888/ in a browser, I got the echo page like the Fiddler setup instructions said I would. I have looked for programs for a while, and there isn't many things from what I can see. Most tutorials either use MAC OS to track the HTTP requests, or are using a really outdated version of IOS from around 2013.


I would prefer a free program, but I can pay around $10 if I need to. I can pay with a debit card or Bitcoin. Those are my only two payment methods.

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